Faster become more laggy!

Yeah, Actually I used Enscape for render my building videos and thats 1080p when I edit it in shotcut and make some video at 6x, some at 4x and I export it and become laggy, blurry and even I upload it on youtube and problem remains same! Help me!

To speed up a video Shotcut removes frames. Speeding it up 6 times means keeping only every 6th frame, so if your original video was created at 30fps speeding it up 6 times will be equivalent to running it at 5fps. Which is way lower than the 25fps that the human eye needs to perceive continuous motion. Also, throwing away 5 frames in every 6 is also likely to cause the final product to appear blurry.

You give no indication (other than the 1080p) of the characteristics of your original video. If you can produce it at 150fps, then throwing away 5/6ths of these frames would still make it appear to be at 25fps and you will see a more seamless transition between frames in the exported video.

Thank You! Now I’ll make my video in 60FR, One of my mistake I found is that I made original video at 30fr and export it at 60fr! Somehow this is the problem too!
BUt thanks! :+1::blush:

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