Change project format from 4/3 to 16/9

Hi everybody,

Sorry if my english is approximative. Hope you will understand.

I think to know that resolution and format of a project depend of the size of the first picture/video dropped on timeline.
The first photo that I put on my timeline is a 4/3 size with bad resolution and others pictures and videos after are in real better resolution and 16/9 size.
Is there a solution to change format/resolution on the project instead of to start again with a good resolution picture inserted in first?
I’ve got hundreds of objects in my project and it really boring to imagine that the only solution is to start again.


Read about Video Mode

Adding a 4:3 photo as the first thing does not put the project into 4:3 mode.
You have not stated what your project resolution and aspect ratio are. Immediately after you open the project look in Properties, and what does it show?

Hi Dan,
when I have a look in “Properties”:

  • Resolution : 640x480
  • Aspect ratio : 640 : 480
  • Frame rate : 30 ips
  • Scan mode : progressive
  • Color space : ITU-R BT.601
    When I open a new project, 3 lines:
  • Projects folder
  • Project name
  • Video mode : Automatic
    and below that’s wright : “Automatic means the resolution and frame rate are based on the first file you add to your project. If the first file is not a video clip (for example, image or audio), then it will be 1920x1080p 25 fps.”
    My first file is a video clip 640x480…please say me there is a trick to move on 1920x1080 minimum…please… :sweat_smile:
  1. Open the project
  2. Choose something you want in Settings > Video Mode (even if it is already selected)
  3. Review everything (things might not be adjusted automatically)
  4. File > Save As new name so you have a backup if you want to retry
  5. Export

Yeeeaaaaaah, I tried and it works!!!
Man, I’m really so grateful to you! It was so simple!
Thanks thanks thanks!

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