Captions , subtitles overlayed on video

Wondering if there is any way to import a .srt (caption file) to display and overlay lyrics for a music video. If not, would you consider this as a feature?

I was able to copy and paste the lyrics into the scrolling titles filter, but getting them to sync with the vocals was very difficult. Then used the size and position filter to have them display in the lower third of the screen. The .srt files have timecodes for proper display.

Thanks Derbydog

See here: (expand the sections concerning subtitles)

and here:

ans here:

After some trouble, I finally managed to get this to work. My virus checker didn’t want me to run the file but I overwrote it. The captions do line up with the vocals.

What I’m not sure how to do, is to change the font, font size etc… I can see the code in notepad ++ but I’m not a programmer so have no idea how to change this.

Suggest strongly that having the import of .srt (and other cc file formats) would be a valuable feature in Shotcut - also need a mechanism for user to change the font characteristics.



Ok…just learned how to find and replace in notepad++. It works - changed both the font and the size.

But again, all of this would be a great feature within the Shotcut software at some point.

Hope you’re all virus free!!


I am glad to see my little work helped. And congratulations that you successfully changed the font by batch replace.

The shotcut dev team has much more important tasks to improve the program. I actually don’t want them to spent their precious time on particular functions that few people use.

Its a nice piece of software and nicely laid out. Tried a few others but just didnt like them. Ive found 20.7.11 far more stable than the previous version. Hasnt crashed once since i updated.

One suggestion: For anyone doing a How to video for shotcut - always have them state which version they are using at the very start. Its confusing to look for something that either isn’t there anymore, or has been renamed or moved.