Can't see full preview while zoomed in

Hello I’m new, I have quite a few things I wanna know but I’ll just start with this one. While zoomed into the preview, I can’t scroll to the top and bottom edges of my video. I have a feeling it’s because of my aspect ratio, but even still I feel like I should be able to see all of my video while zoomed.

It’s 1:1 ratio in case that is the issue.

There are Scroll bars on the right-side and bottom of the video.

Try this if you want to view the entire zoomed image


Do you know how to scroll when zoomed in?

This just makes it really tiny

Yes, it just doesn’t fully scroll to the top or bottom, it stops. I can upload a screen recording if that helps.

It works for me in 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratios but not 4:3

Yeah I figured out what was happening while doing the screen recording. It’s zooming into the source video. Here it is:

Now I want to know if there is a way to have it zoom into the cropped video instead of the source.

(edit: because most of my editing is going into the corners and I really need to see it zoomed in)

For more precise visual cropping try using (in conjunction with player zoom) Apply to Source in

This is not what I need help with.

I started a new project just to see if it does the same without any source video, and it does. The preview zoom only zooms into a default widescreen aspect ratio and doesn’t use the video mode aspect ratio at all. I don’t know if this is just a bug on my end or if this is just how it is.

I converted this into a bug, but the only bug I have reproduced thus far is for a minor amount related to the size of the scrollbar itself. The bug you show in your screen recording is different and much worse. I have not reproduced that yet. Are you on Windows (I was testing this on macOS today)? If so, what is your Windows Settings’ Display Scaling %?

It’s at 100%

I have more information after a little more fiddling. It only happens with custom video modes. When I switched it over to a preset 1:1 (which I didn’t know it had until I looked more), the zoom works perfectly.

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