Can't export a video with new Shortcut version

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem: when I try to export a video with the youtube format (or others as well) I have an error message. Checking the job log it seems that at the beginning the program can’t find some files and it ends with this last line “Failed with exit code 1”. I give you a picture of this job log.

I work on a Windows PC (x64). And I use the latest version of Shotcut (20/07/11 in x64)
I did this a 100 times without any problem so that I don’t understand what’s happening.

Can you provide some help please? Sorry for my unperfect English and thank you in advance for any contribution :slight_smile:

I’ve found the issue. My anti malware was blocking the program Qmelt.exe. Since I authorized it I don’t have any issue.

Hope it will help someone :slight_smile:

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