Cannot export mp4 anymore


I have big issues to export my mp4 video. It is never happened. Shotcut fails to export giving me back errors over erros. I try to ‘play’ a bit with advance options (as read in other forums or videos online) it seems to export but it blocks after having reached 2% or 15%. It is become to me impossible to export a video and I cannot understand why.

To exclude that it is due to any kind of currupt file that I used I try to export each track audio and video but the result is the same. Ieven tried to create a new projeect just with a picture or a song… every try to export fails.

Your support wuould be really appreciated

Thank you so much in advance

It is the log file. It might help you to identify the issue. Thank you.

Looks like you have the same issue as another user recently posted.

Thanks for replying. Already seen and it does not work. I get regurarly the same log errors.

The target file is locked or blocked for some reason, and Shotcut is unable to write to it. You can try a reboot.

do you mean to reboot the OS? Can you please describe in detail what you mean?
From the log file cannot you get any information about the issue?

Thank you for your patience

By ‘reboot’ Dan means ‘reboot your computer’ since something has the file to which you are writing locked, so Shotcut cannot write to it. So either work out which other application has the file locked and termiinate it, or reboot th computer to free the lock.

The reboot does not help of course, It is an informatic issue.

Is the folder part of a cloud drive system, or does it have some automatic backup mechanism?
Did you try a different name or folder?

  • no cloud drive system
  • no back up mechanism
    Do you know how it worked? I copied the MTL file out of the folder on the desktop.
    I exported the file and… no issues. Everything is fine now.
    I got the idea from your comment but I cannot explain the reason why it works now. Can you?

Thanks againf for your time

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