Can the Shotcut UI be scaled on a 4k monitor?

After switching to a 4k monitor, all the UI controls on Shotcut are too small for me to read. Is there a way scale Shotcut to make the everything more legible?

There is a command line option “QT_SCALE_FACTOR”

There are some instructions here:

Or read these other posts:

Can this be added to the FAQ? It does seem to come up quite a bit.

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I am running Windows 10. I don’t know how to use a “command line” to adjust the Shotcut GUI.

Good idea. I added it. Should update in a few hours.

There is an example in this post to create a shortcut and add the option to the Target field:

Or you can learn about running programs from the command line:

try turn off the “fix scaling for apps”
it works for me

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