Can`t select the exact millisecond in timeline

I want to sync audio and video. I found that the audio has to start at 00:00:00:47. Now when I move the pointer to that position in the timeline, it skips automatically to 00:00:01:00. Even if I type “00:00:00:47” in the window, the same happens.

The program just doesn`t let me select the time between 00:00:00:29 and 00:00:00:59.

What to do?

Thanks in advance

Read Entering Time Values on Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference

Support displaying the time in a different format is on the Shotcut - Road Map.

Thanks for the answer. However my problem is not, that I can`t enter time values. Instead the program changes, what I have entered.

On the picture you can see the time-box, marked with a yellow frame. It displays 29 milliseconds. Now when I click on the “up-arrow” next to the time-box, it should display 30 milliseconds, right?

Instead, it skips to 1 second. It doesn`t let me pick any millisecond between 30 and 59, no matter if I enter a number of said range or play around with the “up-arrow” to get to the desired time.

When I play the video in the preview, there is no loss of frames, everything runs smoothly. The audio is also seamless. But for some reason I can`t pick every frame I want.

No, it does not. It displays timecode. Those are frames. From the page, “timecode (HH:MM:SS:FF where FF = frames)”.

And also from the docs

And already explained here multiple times so added to FAQ.

Ok, now I know that we talk about frames. How do i get the program to stop at one of the frames 30-59 without automatically skipping to 00:00:01:00?

Frames are determined by the Video Mode set, not by the video clip itself.

If your video mode is set at 30fps (30.000000 fps), you will not have frames 30 - 59. Frames 0-29 = 1 second.

To view what FPS your video mode is set to, click on Output, then Properties.
English example:

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Thanks, mate! Based on your information I was able to change the fps and let the audio start at the desired point. You saved my recording!

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