Bug timeline V22.06.23


Escuse me for bad English,
Shotcut V 22.06.23

Bug in the timeline of the final project, including other mlt. Mismatch in the visual and in the export of the rendering video.

It is a little difficult to tell from the information provided and the blacked out portions of the screenshot, but I believe this is similar to other recent reports and already fixed for the next version due in a few days. In the meantime you should ensure all MLT XML projects used together have the same Video Mode (the name of the feature in English).

Thank you DENNEDY Dan for the response,
Sorry …

Win11 x64
Shotcut V 22.06.23

2022-09-22-ShotcutLog.txt (70.8 KB)

Thanks for the new version that fixes the bug.

Thanks for the explanation.
For information, same bug for 22.09.23