Blurring Multiple Faces

Hey I’m having issues with setting up multiple mosaic blurs. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong. My problem is I have two simple shapes, two mosaics, and two mask applies on the same track, I’ve blurred the two faces but something weird happens where one of the two mosaic areas seems like it’s paused and won’t continue playing while the rest of the video plays. Any ideas?

How exactly? Shotcut only supports one Mask Apply per clip. Even if you add it to the track as well or copy and paste filters to circumvent it, it will not work as expected.
You might need to share a screenshot or very short project that illustrates only this problem.

I see, I copy and pasted not knowing that it can only support one per clip. Is there any way of have two different areas on the same clip blurred then?

See this thread.


Most people will want to use Add or Subtract on the Operation because that is easiest to understand.

Thanks all for the help!!

Ok so, new issue lol. I’m trying to add a solid shape as an overlay to the main clip and everything except for the mosaic is black!! If I uncheck the 2nd blurred face (mask:simple shapes set to add) the black disappears and the shape appears correctly… I have the 2nd track set to overlay.

I cannot get the overlay to display properly.

You can duplicate the the clip with the masks on a lower track. Then remove all the filters from the clip on the lower track. The solid overlay will appear properly. All the blurs will work.

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Awesome! Do you have any idea why its weird like that?

I have no idea.


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