How to blur 2 objects or more

I understood the procedure to blur an object :
Apply to the clip in question :

  • Mask: simple shape
  • blur
  • Mask: Apply
    But if I want to repeat the operation for a second object, Shotcut tells me that we can apply “Mask: Apply” only once

You can blur as many objects as you want. You can apply the mask apply filter only once, but you can apply the mask simple shape multiple times to blur different objects.

Here’s a project that you can use to understand how the filters work. Pay attention to the operation field of the mask simple shape filter.

Blur (529.0 KB)


OK, thank you

Thank you for his example. Newbie question" I am curious why the second “Mask Simple Shape” uses the operation “Maximum”. I had been trying to do this using two “Mask Simple Shape” using “Write on Clear” which didn’t work, but your example did. Do all subsequent filters 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th need to use “Maximum” Thanks

Not necessarily. AFAIK only the first mask can use the write on clear operation. The subsequent masks need to have different operators for the mask to work. In my example maximum can be changed to add, the blur will still work.

This might help explain how the mask filter works.

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