Problem wih multiple mosaic filters

I’m running into an issue with mosaic filters in shotcut that I was sure I had figured out a while ago. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but following along with that previous post on adding multiple mosaic filters I’m not longer able to reproduce the same result as the example listed in that post.

My mosaic application goes as such:

Mask: simple shape
Mask: Apply

My issue is when I go to add a second simple shape either above or under my original the simple shape it becomes merged with it or won’t apply the second simple shape to the project the way I want it to. Any advice on this?

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Hi @Alex_S

This method works for me:

Set the Operation parameter of the first Mask: Simple Shape filter to Minimum
Set all the other Mask: Simple Shape filters you add under the first one to Maximum


Hi @MusicalBox

Thanks! That seemed to do the trick.

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