Blurred box, behind text, with transparency

Hi all,

Long time user, but running into something either:

  • Challenging, can be done, I’ve not yet worked it out OR
  • Simple, and I’m just not seeing that simple solution… OR
  • Just not possible…

Effectively, I’m trying to create a ‘template’ mlt (can do) that has text, with a box behind the text which then blurs the video that I overlay that template over.

Another way to put it is that I want titles which show clearly, but blur anything behind them (via a larger rectangle) - and are not filters of the clips/s they’re overlaying.

That last bit might be the challenge - blurring the clip/s behind it, without being a filter on the particular clip/s.

Any ideas, or am I being a bit silly?

Put all of the clips you want to blur on their own tacks. Use the blur filters (or other filters) on the track header.

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Thanks Hudson555x,

That’s a good solution if I want to blur that particular track, but what I’m trying to achieve is effectively a ‘blur everything below the top track’ - so downwards, rather than across.

I believe the tracks effectively run independantly of each other, which may firmly put this idea in the “Just not possible” category.

Could you show an example?

You would have to apply to all track headers below the top track then.

In my example I use 3 tracks total. Bottom 2 have the blur filter applied to just the track headers.
Direct video link:

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Hi @GiantSmasher
Maybe you want something like this?

If so, here’s a way to do it. Forgive the poor quality, I’m working on a very old PC at the moment:


I just read your post again and realized my solution might not be exactly what you need… sorry

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You can’t blur something, without having a blur filter on the clip you want to blur.

You can make a semi transparent color box behind your text, but blur need pixels to blur.

Going along with @MusicalBox 's interpretation of OP’s request, applying a Mask filter to the track header can still be accomplished.

Yes, you can add a blured box to the background track, but you cant create an title template .mtl your can place on top of an video track, that will show a blurred box on the video below.

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The closest thing I have come up with is to set up the template .mlt file with a mask filter, with softness set to 100%:

Here are the files used to generate this. Note that the test.mlt file is used as-is in the test2.mlt to produce the video - no other filters needed. But again, this is not really what is asked for. :frowning:
test.mlt (8.6 KB)

test2.mlt (5.8 KB)

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Thanks awake,

That’s actually exactly what I ended up doing.

Try a grey box with a hard box blur on it - makes it a touch more interesting, a slight debossed effect.

An alternate method can also be done with a gradient image. Less filter usage in Shotcut is all.



Nice effect, @Hudson555x .

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I had wondered about trying different colors, but didn’t have time to experiment. Looks good! And Hudson, your idea is great as well!

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