BETA version 24.04 now available to test

Please try our beta release for the next version due by the end of April with some new features like undo/redo for Keyframes, multi-channel audio scopes, an Ambisonic Encoder audio filter, and an action to Apply Copied Filters to selected timeline clips. Feedback in this thread is appreciated.


There is something weird with the selection of multiple clips

  1. When your have selected all clips with shift-click and you click (without shift) on one of the clips, nothing happens.
  2. When your have selected 3 clips with shift-click and you click (without shift) on one not selected, it will de-select the 3 selected and select the one your clicked on.
    It might be how is is supposed to work, but feels a little weird, it should do like 2, in both cases

    (flatpak-beta 24.04.13)

EDIT: Sorry, this is not related to the beta, it is also the issue in stable release

I have tested the “Apply copied filters” it is working as described, it will remove all filters of the types copied and add the copied ones.
(flatpak-beta 24.04.13)

It has been like this for years since multi-selection was added without complaint here or in GitHub as I can recall. Interestingly, this is an opinion shared by Windows Explorer and GNOME Files but not macOS Finder! We could can change it but A) not for this release, and B) some users might not like it.

Not a big deal, normally you don’t select all the clips with multi-selection, so i have not stumbled over it before.
But it feel a little inconsistent, that clicking on a clip have different effect, dependent on if the clip is select or not, but again not a big deal