Apply Copied Filters

The Apply Copied Filters option was added in the 24.04 release.

“Apply Copied Filters” is an option in the Timeline context menu which allows a filter to be applied to many timeline clips at the same time. It can also be used to update existing filters with the same value.

Applying filters for the first time

This video shows how to create a filter and then apply it to multiple timeline clips

Updating previously applied filters

This video shows how to easily modify the filter on multiple clips. First the filter is modified on one clip. Then, the filter is copied and applied to the other clips. Note: if the filter already exists, Apply Copied Filters will replace the filter with the new filter. It will not add the filter multiple times.


Question: does the filter only update previously multi-clip pasted instances? What happens if there are already 2 individually added instances with different filter values?

Shotcut does not keep track of whether the filter was placed manually or using “Apply Copied Filters”. It will replace all instances of a filter if it exists in the copied filters.

Assume you have a clip on the timeline and you have manually added a “Gain/Volume” filter. Then, you manually added a second “Gain/Volume” filter. If you apply copied filters that contain “Gain/Volume”, the two existing instances will be removed and the copied filter will be added. However, if the copied filters contain two instances of “Gain/Volume”, then both of those will be applied and the clip will still have two instances.

I see, so it’s basically a paste multiple but with a twist.

I have a couple of thoughts/suggestions:

  1. add 2 separate right click entries: “Apply filters on top/bottom” (begining/end?)
    → It could be helpful in some specific scenarios (like mine from a while back) .
    → if there’s multiple filters already there, it would only affect the top/bottom one? This complicates the logic a bit but I find it weird to apply the change to all filters with the same name

  2. this would be a completely different feature but related enough as the wording in “Updating previously applied filters” made me remember it from the Blender 3D program where a material could be “applied” to multiple clips and changing some value in it would automatically update all other instances of that same filter. Basically the same way a track head filter behaves but limited to a selection of clips.
    → probably the big issue here is how to show the user this is a common instance of the filter - a solution could simply be to show a “[multi]” keyword or something before it
    Ok this gets more complicated the more I think of it, there needs to be a way to copy/paste/remove it to new clips (maybe implement right click menu inside the filters panel?). Oh well, I should have made a separate suggestion thread for it, ignore this point for now.

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A very useful feature. Will it be possible to use a hotkey and will it be possible to add a separate button to the timeline control panel so as not to open the context menu every time?

You can already do this by choosing Help->Actions and Shortcuts. Assign whatever hotkey you like

I do not plan to add a separate button on the timeline.

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Great feature, ir would be nice if there was an option to add the copied filter without removing the current ones.

Having multiple clip with different text (simple text) and i want to add a another text to all the clips.
I add the new text to the first clip, unselect the other text filters and copy.
when i select the target clips and apply the copied text filter, all the current text filters are removed and the new text filter is added, this is not what i want, i would like to just add the new text filter to the current one.