Audio Surround Scope

The Audio Surround Scope was added in the 24.04 release.

The Audio Surround Scope provides a visualization of the multichannel sound.

In this figure, the Audio Surround Scope is shown with the Audio Peak Meter Scope.

The center of the display represents the position of the listener.

The blue lines extending from the center of the display visualize the signal strength for each channel. In the illustration above, you can see the relationship between the level for each channel in the Audio Peak Meter and the Audio Surround Scope.

The purple lines connecting the blue lines help to illustrate the width of the sound in the room.

The green concentric circles illustrate the “focal point” of the sound. In the display above, the focal point is in front of the listener and slightly to the right.

The display adjusts to the number of channels in the Audio Channels setting. In this screenshot, the setting is set to Stereo (2 channel). So the C, LS and RS channels are grayed out.