Balloon text filter

Hello everyone.

I love editing with Shotcut and I use it. I have a suggestion for a filter that will be very practical when making some lecture videos.

Balloon text filter.

  • one balloon shape . but the balloon tip must be able to change direction. and must be writable.

Thank you.

There are fonts shaped like speech bubbles that you can use for that.

A few examples:

I made a tutorial a couple of years ago on the subject:


Thanks for the answer. I have read the link you sent before. and i used it too.

However, it doesn’t seem very practical.

My suggestion is to be a little more specific. ie a more useful and practical filter…


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Some years before i was happy to get the option with the fonts.
But since then I have never used it because it is unfortunately too impractical.
The filter set speech bubble generater seems easier, but is also not practical if the resolution is not the same as for the filter set.


In the new versions of Shotcut, such a balloon text filter can be used without a set.

Would be great.
New means next after 23.07.29?

I think it would be awesome.

Yes, this filter feature may come in versions after v23.07.29.

I don´t see it in 23.09.29

Because this filter did not come. Maybe in future versions…

It’s not that hard to edit the Info-Bubble filter set to make it fit on other Video Modes.

Also, speech bubbles are easy to create, save, re-use and edit with Glaxnimate.

Both alternatives are “doable”, but in my eyes not so simple that I want to use them every day.
But thanks for that Possibilities.