Audio stuttering while editiing

Recently just installed Shotcut on my new computer and I’m having issues with my audio while editing as it stutters quite a bit. The video preview is playing smoothly but it’s just the audio that isn’t. When the project is exported the video is flawless. I looked into other threads on here to try and find a solution and nothing is working. On my old PC this was never an issue.

I also know for a fact my new PC should not have any performance issues either since its a Ryzen 7 7700X with a 4070. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi @Jack_Legends.
Can you make a video capture so we can hear this stuttering?
You can share videos on the forum that are up to 8 megs in size.

Using footage from Forza Horizon 5 since audio is constant (exhaust sound for example) it’s quite easy to hear the stuttering. I am recording with OBS and the file type is MP4.

Did you see this thread?

There is no real solution since apparently the problem of the original poster fixed itself, but there is information posted by the two Shotcut developers that might help.

You can try the new Settings > Player > Audio API in the beta for the coming 24.01 version. This provides a Shotcut UI to the command line parameter in my reply to the thread linked by @MusicalBox

Seems like I had to set my input and output device properly both in windows and in shotcut as I am using Voicemeeter Banana. Had messed around with setting them before it stopped causing the issue.

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