BETA version 24.01 now available to test

Please try our beta release for the next version due by the end of January with:
split multiple/all, undo/redo for filters, playback looping, nudging timeline clips, group/ungroup clips, pause/resume current running job, and automatic project backup.

Feedback on the beta is preferred in this thread.


Great new features in this BETA release!
A big thank you to the developers! :+1: :+1:

Here are a few observations, after my first tests:

Undo/Redo filters

I feel that this was probably intended, but just in case:
Changing a filter parameters is saved only once in the History.

For example:

  • Add a Crop: Rectangle filter
  • Change Size and/or Position: This action is added to the History.
  • Change Size/Position again: Not added to the History
    At this point if you Undo, the filter settings reverts back to default.

Nudge Tool

If 2 clips are side by side (no gap between them), the nudge option doesn’t work. It would be useful if it did in my opinion. For example when you want to separate 2 adjacent clips by only a few frames.

Also, since Nudge doesn’t work on Grouped clips or on multiple selected clips, when right-clicking on those clips, shouldn’t the Nudge Forward and Nudge Backward options be disabled (grayed)?

Jobs - Pause

Sometimes the job doesn’t pause on the first click. I didn’t find what triggers this. But it happened to me 2 or 3 times when testing.

Also, maybe add an icon to indicate when a job is paused?

Group/Ungroup Clips

In the release notes, this is mentioned:

“The operations it supports are all those available for multiple selection. That does not include trim, Filters, or Properties at this time.”

If you plan to develop this feature further in the future, would you consider making groups identifiable in the Timeline? That would make them easy to find in a big project.
Maybe add a colored outline to the clips of a group?
Or change the color of the clips background?
Also, if there are multiple groups in a single project, different colors for each group? :grimacing:


Is there an issue with proxying 720p 30 media on windows 10?

It does not proxy all the clips? I noticed this for the first time on 23.12.15 but I thought I’d wait for the next version before providing feedback.

I love these new features! Thank you. Will try it out.
@shotcut, there’s a TINY typo in the notes:

(mulit, not multi)…

I had a problem trying to ungroup a group of clips. See this video for an explanation.

My first impression is that you can’t ungroup clips without first de-selecting the group by selecting another clip. If this is intended, OK, but it does not seem natural to me.
(Although I suppose in most use cases, the group will most likely be de-selected before the user wants to ungroup. But there’s always the scenario of someone wanting to change their mind immediately after grouping)…

And I agree with @musicalbox, if there can be a way of identifying grouped clips on the timeline (maybe now or in the future) that would be a welcome feature.

The devs with the monster update delivery

I experienced that also.
Ctrl + D also works to complete the un-grouping. Maybe Shotcut should automatically deselect de clips after we click Ungroup?

I found another little bug with the Group/Ungroup feature.


  • Place a few clips in the timeline.
  • Select a few, or all but one.
  • Group the selected clips.
  • Move the group
  • Click Undo

In my case, before the Undo, all the clips in the group were aligned.
After the Undo, one of the clips in the group isn’t aligned anymore.

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Another unexpected behavior

  • Group a few clips
  • Ungroup
  • Move a couple of clips that were in the group.
    At one point, 2 clips get grouped together by themselves.

It only proxies clips with a high enough resolution unrelated to this beta version.

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This is intentional and will not be changed. Otherwise simply siding a slider will completely fill the undo history. There are other places where multiple consecutive operations are collapsed. It is also independent of parameter and Keyframes. All filter changes are collapsed.


There are a number of situations where nudge is not permitted. Basically it does not allow one to create a transition, and it needs blank space at the left. The reasons are technical but also that transitions cannot be adjusted today by moving clips, only by trimming. I also experienced crashes while using key repeat with this feature. I might remove it from this release.

Groups are meant to be semi-permanent. There is little reason to group and then immediately ungroup even if you did some other operation that retained selection. If you changed your mind after creating a group you can Undo or this workaround. And, no, deselection upon making a group is not a good behavior.

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Not going to happen but maybe a single different color for a group because there might be members outside the current view in the timeline and trying to selecting one might not be obvious that others were selected as well.

Ok, thanks for the answer. Appreciated.

Oh, the low memory check every minute is resuming it. I fixed it for the release.


Windows 10.

Exported 1280x720 30fps 14min40sec video, using hardware encoder h264_qsv, YouTube preset, however the second half of the video the audio is fine but the video has frozen, a freeze frame from the halfway mark.

It’s not literally half way. It’s about 1m36s after the halfway mark. I thought it was the media players but it’s the same on YouTube.

[SOLVED] I re-exported, unticking Hardware Encoder.

[SOLVED] I proxied the media without hardware encoder (h264-qsv).

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Ok. But just to be clear, I was not talking about using Nudge to create a transition.
If there are reasons why it can’t be used for that, I understand.
So in the case of two clips ( A and B) side by side, we can’t nudge clip B to the left (that would be trying to create a transition).
What I meant was nudging clip B to the right, away from clip A, where there would be an empty space.



This is done for the release.

This is fixed for the release.