Audio and Video Tracks manipulation

I`ve used professionally Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro 6 and, latelly, Davinci Resolve as editing softwares.
Searching for free editing apps, I found Shotcut as a good codec / format conversion source.
And, starting to try learning its basics, I was impressed (and disapponted) that Shotcut has no audio / video tools for link / unlink clips (audio and video parts of a clip) and group / ungroup clips.
These are, in my opinion, two of the more important tools for a creative editing - allowing the editor to manipulate the video / audio relationship.
Would it be so difficult to implement link / unlink clips (audio and video parts of a clip) and group / ungroup clips?

Number 4 on their roadmap is " groups in timeline". You can read their whole list here.

That said, there are currently just two developers working on Shotcut. They are doing the best they can so that they can bring updates every month. If you know anyone with coding experience that can help then in anyway send them over this way. :slight_smile:


I understand the developers limitation. I was just calling the developers attention to these very, very important tools, mainly link / unlink clips (audio and video parts of a clip) . I mean, it`s essential to edit audio and video of a clip in different tracks, having an easy option (a key) to keep them in sync and or not.

Searching the forum with the search tool would have showed:

You’re able to detatch audio from any clip.

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This is already available. In clip Properties you can choose your audio and/or video track including None. Also, you can right-click a video clip and choose Detach Audio to make this easier.

group / ungroup clips

These are already suggested and on the Road Map. Since this is a redundant suggestion, I am closing the thread. Meanwhile, to help keep things in sync across tracks, you can choose Ripple all Tracks in the Timeline menu.

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Thank you leader.
Maybe it`s because English is not my mother language, but, as long as I got your response, Detaching Audio just separe / split audio and video parts in different tracks (and unlinked), but I can not see how to adjust each one independently and keep them in sync in timeline. And, following this, how to pick the video part of a clip and link / sync it with other audio (an / or video) part of any clip.