Select all / highlight multiple clips

i have seen that you cant do ctrl+a to select all clips in the timeline and that would be a good things as when want to add a filter to all clips you have to copy and paste it onto every one that that can take a very long time.
Or add a highlighting feature so i was thinking ctrl+left mouse to highlight clips

Some filters can be applied to an entire track.

So, add all clip to the timeline and apply the clip to it.

Unfortunately not planned, as mentioned in How to select multiple clips (and move them)


And of course Keno40 is right about track filters, which is nice.

It is not planned for the short term, but it could happen.

While @Keno40 mentions about track filters, it is not explained. Click the track header (left column of timeline), Then, open/see the Filters panel. It will show the track name at the top. Here you can add a filter. After that a little filters icon appears on the track header.


This feature is coming to the playlist and timeline in the next version 19.09. For the timeline, it is initially limited to remove/delete and lift operations. Next (after 19.09) will likely be Cut, Copy, and Paste. Move is further out as it requires group-like functionality that is also not currently available. Still not planning to let one add a filter to multiple selected, and I think copy/paste filters and track filter are good enough for that.

Is multi-select coming soon to the filters list? Specifically, to allow to copy and paste just one filter off of a list or hand pick several of them off of one list rather than only being able to copy and paste the whole list as is?