Applying filters to the whole track (pics and video snippets)

Hi there,

i am quite new to Shotcut, love it for its simplicity.
I try to apply the same set of filters to all video and images in a track. I dont see a method to apply the filters to all parts of the track. I just copy the filters and paste it onto each single piece in the track one after an other. If i mark/selects multiple parts it will only apply the filters to the first part of it. Think i am missing something?

thanks for your advice!


You can paste the filters directly on to the track head to affect all the clips on that track.

Also, if you just want a certain section of the whole track to be affected then trim the filter:

Thanks, Ben & DRM!
That really helped! Not sure what i did wrong in the first place.
Maybe i was irritated because the filter settings don’t show up on the clips selected when you just apply the filters to the track head. You can still set individual filters to the single clips - maybe they add up or the filters on the clips are prioritized.

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just to add: i figured the filters add up if you apply a filter to a clip when there a filters active on the whole track.

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