Anyone else experience longer export time after last update? Version 22.03

Yesterday I was editing two videos and got a update notification. So, I finished my editing and updated Shotcut to 22.03. Today I started to export those videos, both around 25 minutes with lots of cuts, transitions and filters, usually, with my 7700k and 32gb ram it takes around 2 hours to export such projects, but today that time got over 4h30min!!! I did not change a thing, parallel processing on.

Can someone point out what the problem might be?

thank you all in advance.

I do not know a specific reason that the latest version would export more slowly. In fact, we made some changes to speed things up! So, it might be due to the update, or it might be just a coincidence.

One experiment you could do would be to reboot your computer and try to export without doing anything first (don’t open any other programs or do any editing in Shotcut). See if that makes it faster.

If you want to compare an older version to the latest version, did you know you can get an older version in a “portable” format? Just go to the previous releases page and choose the “portable” package of an older version (either .zip or .txz depending on your operating system). Then, you can open the project with the older version and export with that.

Tried downloading the last portable edition. The export preview time was compatible to the time i was used to (1h40min). Definitely there is something fishy going on between my PC and the new build. I will later try to reinstall and do some editing on it.

I just ran a test of the exact same project - moderate complexity, 1080p30, 2.5 minutes final movie duration - exported as H.264 MP4 with defaults and without hardware encoder. It took 2:36 on v22.01 and 2:10 on v22.03 on Windows 11.

Is that the estimate while the job is running or the completed job time? Do not trust the estimate. The estimate is not smart and is based on what was exported thus far and knows nothing about the remaining complexity of the project.

I exported the video using the current version. The first preview time, after getting stuck at 0% for almost half an hour was +6h. That job was finished within 4h30.
Tried exporting the same project using the portable version suggested by @brian. The job was stuck in 0% for less than a minute, which is normal in this cases, and the first preview time marked 1h40, hence why I thuink the current version is the culprit on my setup. Did not wait to export the video again, just made the comparison with both preview times.

Also, I reinstalled the current version on my PC, and Shotcut took quite a while to open, including some messages from Windows sayng “not responding”. It got stuck while loading the plugins, maybe something to do with my presets?

What version?

In my experience, with every new version, there are some people who experience problems that is not a general problem for all users. And there are some people where it fixes a non-general problem they had with a previous version. It can often be due to system-level things people install like anti-malware or grammar checking.

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To add more info on the subject: The portable version 22.01 opens much faster than the current one. And the playback plays much smoother than the one on version 22.03

portable - 22.01.30
installed - 22.03.30

Use whatever version works for you. I do not think there is a general problem in this new version. Quite a few people tested it for almost a month.

I this there is a good chance that this is the problem. I think that some antivirus programs “learn” over time that if you use something multiple times it will stop checking it so often. Sometimes you can go into the settings to “whitelist” an application. In addition to whitelisting Shotcut, it is also good to whitelist “melt” the export program.

Also, see this issue with Grammarly:

So there could be other things on the computer that affect it.

i’m not saying it is a bug or anything. Just wanted to know if it is a problem that other people face when updating and what i could to to fix it. I really like using Shotcut and wish I could enjoy the latest features.

Tried that. deactivated the anti-malware software. No such thing as grammarly or simmilar programs. Tried run as administrator, portable, installed, clean install. Nothing worked. Guess I’ll have to stick with the old version for a a while. But thank you all for your help!

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