Animating a Route on a Map

One time I drove on the left side… Left highway instead of right highway. It was a long time ago, in another century. I was with friends and after the incident, we considered and adopted the “designated driver” rule on party nights.
:unamused: :beers: :crazy_face:

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Hi @Elusien

Very clever concept, you however, made a mistake on the spelling on your website.
There is a mistake on the word… mistake :rofl:

By “design” perhaps? :wink:

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By design of course :wink:, I always put 1 mstake on a webpage on purpose. It’s subliminal, and causes the reader to take in the content more readily as the brain is subconsciously scanning the text more thoroughly looking for further typographical errors. You will see that I am using this technique in the text I am writing here!

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Thnk U four prof-reeding, the webpaige has bean dooly curekted.

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σας ευχαριστώ

How’s your Greek?

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Σας παρακαλούμε, almost as bad as my Slovakian/Slovovenian (reference to a different post I just made).

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C’mon, you gotta brush up on your Greek to really interact with the locals. :laughing:
Get one of those “Learn Greek in 21 years” type books.

Been to Cyprus several times, love it.

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This looks awesome. Your example Cyprus animation is great. Really well done on this tool.

Now I need a version that reads a GPX file to trace the route for me :slight_smile: I would use it to show progress on a hiking trail and put clips of that in between photos and videos of my slideshows.

Also I have never used a vector image editor so I might have to try Inkscape at some point.

You might be better using the technique described here:

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Great, thanks. Yeah sounds like Google Earth Pro or Google Earth Studio are the way to go for that. I have dabbled with tours in Google Earth Pro but need to learn more. And Studio may be the way to go now. I’ll have to dive in to it.

Please let us know how you get on. I can see this being a popular pastime for people recording their trips using GPS, Google Earth and Shotcut.

Unable to get this to work - used Illustrator to draw the line - svg upload isn’t permitted here in the forum.

Windows 7 - Chrome

It looks as if you cleared the field “Stroke Opacity”, which makes the line transparent. Change it back to 1.

Thank you for such a prompt response - I changed that Stroke Opacity to 1 and it still doesn’t work.

I recorded the screen of how I am doing it - please let me know what am I doing wrong?

thank you so much.

and how do I save it as a video?

Can you upload the SVG for me to try to sort out the problem? I know Shotcut does not allow you to upload SVG files so please do the following:

  • Make a copy of your SVG file.
  • Change the extension from “.svg” to “.txt”.
  • Update the newly-named file.
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Unless I change ‘Start’ to 1 - the animation doesn’t start!

The map seems to have moved from under the path - I will recreate everything from scratch.

The only thing that remains now is - how to save this to a video?

You will need to do a screen recording of your browser window.
If you are using a Windows system then there is a free utility called Sharex. It is quite to use. See:

Another option is OBS Studio, but this is more complicated.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: