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This is not a Shotcut specific question.

I’m wondering if anyone has done, or can point me in the right direction to add a GPS tracking marker on a map to integrate with a video.

When I go on (motor) bike rides, I usually video them. My camera doesn’t have GPS so I’d need an external GPS device. What I had in mind was to be able to create a video where in the corner a map displays with a red dot or whatever showing the location of what the main video was displaying.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


Have a look here:

and here:

I think @bryanb wants to render an additional clip from the map with his position like riding with Navi in realtime.

My response was assuming he had GPS data (lat. long. time) and wanted to know how to get that onto a map displaying each point at the time he reached it. This is from the webpage I directed him to:

Data imported into Google Earth from a GPS handheld device can be animated because it has time stamps (date and time) of when it was collected by the GPS device. Simply select (highlight) the folder of GPS data in the Places panel, and click Play on the Time Controls.

Once he has it playing in Google Earth it can be recorded using any screen recorder, like OBS or Sharex and the resulting video displayed as a “picture-in-picture” on his main video using the Size & Position filter.

That’s an option.

QGIS 3.14 and possibly temporal controller or time manager. You can batch it out to frames and then reassemble

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This may prove useful.

Thanks for all the replies. I need to learn to drive Google Earth or QGIS, but I think the workflow might be:

  1. record video, sound and use Android app to record GPS
  2. load GPS to Google Earth or QGIS
  3. export an image for each GPS point (probably only need to record GPS points every 30 secs or so) <== not sure of this step yet.
  4. load video and sound to Shotcut
  5. create new video track and load GPS images to timeline at n sec intervals
  6. sync video, sound and GPS video track
  7. export and be happy.

Thanks again for the pointers !

BTW, DashWare look interesting.

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