Animated Text Generator

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a animated text generator.
Effects could be single letter appearing, dynamic opacity, (now I’m in difficult to explain better), … simple effects in the end.

I read about Blender, Natron but they require a lot of knowledge (although the results are excellent).
I read also regarding WebFx, not yet supported.
Is there a simple offline application to generate animated text in gif, mp4, … (something that can be imported in Shotcut) ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ric_Developer

Check this Shotcut Resources Page by @Elusien .
A gold mine :slight_smile:

If you are OK with HTML/CSS you could do flickering/pulsating neon text. See:

Hi Ric, you could take a look at this:

Also, is great for non-animated text. I see though you can also make animated text gifs easily, too. I just created this in seconds from the cooltext site
Cooltext glitter demo :

See also #resources category. There are tags for that category to select things like #lower-third and #title. For a general purpose 2D animation tool, there are FOSS tools such as enve and Synfig.

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@MusicalBox @Elusien @jonray @shotcut
Thank you for your fast help
Now I’ve a lot of topics to investigate.
This forum provides great support !

Several other options see all the comments in this post:

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