Advanced Export

Shotcut’s export panel has an advanced mode that you can access by clicking the Advanced button at the bottom of the panel. By default the next time you restart Shotcut, the advanced mode is turned off again. However, you can pin it to the on or enabled state by clicking the checkbox next to Advanced.





See MLT’s documentation for information about the syntax and parameters. MLT’s consumer properties also apply here. Most essential parameters are written by the presets and various form fields of Export > Advanced but you can override them here (must use the correct name, of course). Some parameters are appended to the generated ones. For example, you can supply a x265-params, and the Codec tab will prepend values needed for rate control. Prepending lets you specify overrides. You might also find FFmpeg’s codecs and formats documentation more useful here as it is more organized. Please keep in mind that Shotcut is not a ffmpeg command line front end except in the rare cases of Properties > Convert and Reverse and proxy media generation. Thus, there are many things you cannot copy from ffmpeg examples are possible here. Only options from FFmpeg that affect the encoder or muxer.

Custom Export Presets

You can save your own custom preset by clicking the shotcut_h38G0QzoY4 button at the bottom of the Export panel.

To add a new Custom Export Preset:

  • Set your preferred parameters in the Video, Codec, Audio and Other tabs.
  • Click the shotcut_h38G0QzoY4 button.
  • Give a name to your preset and click OK



To delete a Custom Export Preset:

  • Select the custom preset you want to delete
  • Click the shotcut_D5S0VGgmBj button at the bottom of the Export panel
  • Click OK to confirm

HEVC / x265 Export Apple Mac Quicktime compatibility

  1. Select HEVC Main Profile
  2. Export --> Advanced --> Other
  3. Add the following two parameters:

As of version 21.08.29 the tags in Other for QuickTime compatibility is included in the HEVC Main preset.

Version 22.03 (currently on RC) adds Export > Advanced >> Video > Color range.
Where can I find information about this change?

The first 5 minutes or so of this video helped me understand the difference between Full and Limited color ranges.