Help needed, Using SaveAs to create a .mpg

Another New-Be question. I created a simple Test.mp4 video/audio where I am counting from 1 to 10. Copied the file into Shotcut and created a project from it. I edited the file by removing a portion of the file. That is to say, instead of counting 1 - 10, I removed counting parts 4 & 5. It plays correctly in Shotcut but how do I now save that file as a different format, such as a .mpg or .mp4 to allow the file to be put on a memory stick and played on a different laptop? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brad

Basically what you need is to export the edited project.

In short:
a) Collect media files to include in your project.
b) Add the media files to your project
c) Edit and add audio and/or video filters to your project’s clips
d) You can save your project to continue later or to share with other users or collaborators.
e) Export the result in a file with the format that fits your needs, choosing from the multiple pre-configured options offered by Shotcut.
f) Reviews the result in different players and/or streaming platforms to know if the final rendering fits your needs in terms of quality and size.

In the attached documentation you can see some of this.

Thank you very much

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