Add "perceptually linear" option to Audio fade In/Out

Shotcuts Fade In/Fade Out filters modify the volume. Because volume is in decibels (which is somewhat logarithmic to our hearing-perception) this usually means that you can already not hear the sound anymore around the half-point of the fade.
I assume this has some good sides, but for me in practice it’s usually quite annoying, especially when trying to get a longer smooth fade out/in (it’s not so noticeable if the transition is under a second). I would like to have an option (like “adjust opacity instead of fade to black”) on the filters that will transition the audio perceptually linearly.

I know this can be worked around with keyframes, but it is tedious and you will never get it perfect, although the new Easings certainly make it better. Still, keyframed animations cannot be as easily adjusted as the fades!

Love shotcut, keep up the great work!


Good Idea!
Mixing a linear factor with a log factor with default 100% on the log curve would be perfect!