3D effects

When Shotcut will have 3D effects.
It would be fantastic.

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean exactly by 3D effects?

I mean effects Page Turn, Push, Slide, Rotation Sphere, etc.

I think I know what you mean by Page Turn and Rotation Sphere but what are Push and Slide?
Can you show examples of those effects? Maybe it’s already possible to do them in Shotcut

For “Page Curl” (or Page Turn) see this thread:

@MTEIXEIRA you can try Wax 2.0 for the effects you are looking for.

Hello everybody.
I’m sending examples of effects.

Most, if not all of these can be done in Shotcut. But not a the click of one button. You have to built the effects.
Play with the Corner Pin filter.

In fact I made a tutorial that explains how I do the horizontal flip transition:

The other ones in your video are mostly just variations of that technique.

You can also do a lot with multiple video tracks with overlapping clips each with a Size, Position & Rotate filter. For example, you can make a push by making the two clips slide together, and there are slide presets for that. You can also do squeeze-style things by keyframe with the Distort option. Or rotate one clip on its corner to reveal the next clip. These are not really 3D, but they are somewhat common things beyond the simple wipe.

I thank everyone

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