12 bugs found in 18.09.13 and just released 18.09.15 (Part 2/2)

(8) Shotcut crashes when I do a trime-transiton with some empty space between two clips and undo twice or more.

If Shotcut doesn’t crash, the Timeline ends up getting messed up.

(9) Ripple Move is in effect even when it’s turned off.

A potential scenario where this becomes a problem is someone tries to move 2 in front of 1 but accidentally drops midway.

(10) After I do Ripple Moves twice in a row, I can’t move the clip to the original position.

(11) After I do Ripple Moves twice in a row in a different way, I can move the clip to the original position, but a large empty space appears

(12) After I do a Ripple Move in such a way that the empty space between two clips exceeds the end point of a track, some strange picture appears in the player

a) All 12 tested only on Windows 7 64bit.
b) All 12 happen on both two PCs of mine with different CPUs.

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@TRA, I just wanted to drop a reply here to give you props on your great and detailed bug reports. Although I don’t know if @shotcut likes the extra work or not ( :wink: ), I think your dedication to go through the program and detail very well all of the issues you are finding is only helping to make Shotcut much more stable in the end. I’m rooting for Shotcut so I as a user appreciate seeing you contribute like this so often. Thanks!

Keep it up, man!

Thanks DRM.
I don’t reply a lot, but I do read bug posts and a few how-to posts you and others make here. Often pick up some tips here and there along the way.

Yes, it is very much appreciated, which is why the shout-out on the 18.09 release announcement!

Since there are so few developers, I get very little feedback (including my own) during development to watch my back. Certainly, some automation of testing will help as well, but only so much, and that requires much development work too. Meanwhile, there are some important features and upgrades I personally want, and I also need to stay motivated.

If I create stable and beta channels for the software delivery, will there be enough users of the betas to still provide that feedback? What about those stable users who are not getting timely bug fixes? Perhaps a goal of quarterly stable releases will be fast enough for that. Then, there’s the problem of how to communicate and promote new features that does not cause confusion. Sure, it compels some to go beta, but I know the web browsers’ approach to these things causes a lot of user confusion and frustration as well. I am open to your thoughts and opinions.

The first time I heard you were going to make stable channel and beta channel, I thought it was brilliant.
You can promote the stable version while new features and bugs are worked on. I thought.
But your mentioning of the projected number of beta users and enticement made me quetion my initial thoughts.

I for sure have hardly ever used beta programs. Browser and all the other programs I use are stable. I’m more of a user in that regard.

Current arrangement appears to maximize the feedback count, which you mentioned is still small. There’s a chance that the stable channel increase the overall user count, so beta users and feedback count also increase, though.

For people like me who have used Shotcut for some time, the current release method seems fine. As long as there are portable versions of the earlier releases, anyone can go back to older, more stable versions without overwritting the current version. I for sure consider 18.03.06 to be stable and use it despite the lack of keyframe features. I also often read comments like “I’m gonna go back to version ****** for now.” Isn’t it essentially users deciding on their own which versions are stable for their own liking?

For new users who don’t know which one is stable to begin with, the stable and beta channels look much better. All they have to do is use the stable.

I don’t know about the quarterly release, though. Can’t the stable version incorporate any major or minor bug fixes on the existing features as they come? Sometimes, the stable channel is rapid, probably right after a new stable channel release. Sometimes, the stable channel doesn’t get updated for a year if the previous release is truly stable. Meanwhile, the beta version gets released periodically until it’s pretty much determined that it’s good for the stable channel. This is going to require separation of bugs on the existing features and ones on the new features on the beta channel, though.

I don’t have defintive thoughts or opinions on this.

I don’t know if quarterly releases are necessary. If you can get a concrete number of people that are wiling to be at the ready to test out the newest versions to catch any bugs, perhaps that step can be simply added to the development process? Maybe something like, a full month of development followed by a 2 week testing phase where the proposed group goes through every nook and cranny for bugs. Then the official release. So like 6 weeks or so. @TRA is really good at this and I know that @Hudson555x volunteered in another thread. Hopefully other frequent forum members would read this and also volunteer.

Before that though, @TRA just said that despite the newest version just released yesterday, he still considers 18.03.06 to be the most stable. Since he has been so thorough I will take his word because I actually never used 18.03.06. I was using the version just before that and only updated when Keyframes made their debut. If 18.03.06 is the most stable then I think the goal for October should be to get Shotcut as stable as 18.03.06 before moving on. In other words, put all efforts in to getting all the fixes that need to be done and invite all the bug reports anyone can post on this forum. If you have to skip October to get it stable then so be it. That way a stable Shotcut with all of the features that have been added so far can be used as a reference moving forward. I kind of think that having 18.03.06 still be the most stable version despite a lack of the major features that were since added to not be good news.

These have all been fixed for the next release v18.10. (8) and (9) were not new bugs.


I am experiencing a problem, both last night and again today. When I get around 46 seconds or longer along in creating a new video and I try to undo the last part of my work the system crashes.

Today, and if I remember correctly, last night, when I was asked if I wanted to restore my work after I reopened Shotcut, I said yes, and the first part of the video was missing, right where I separated it at the play head in order to remove some of the audio.

I hope that this will help you improve Shotcut.

@grdbum, You need to be more specific regarding the steps of the crash that you experienced. Also, which version of Shotcut are you using?

Right now there is a Beta version of the next release that you can find here. It’s meant for testing out any bugs and crashes so that they can be fixed for the official release. You should download that Beta and see if the problem you are experiencing in your current version of Shotcut still happens in the Beta. If it does, report it in that thread and be specific about the steps to reproduce the crash so that it can be found and fixed.

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