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From : 12 bugs found in 18.09.13 and just released 18.09.15 (Part 2/2)

I feel I’m too general of a user of Shotcut, but if given a list of functions you want me to test with each version you release, I would go through it. If my skills are too lacking, I completely understand, but perhaps others more skilled than I am might be able to help as well. Perhaps create some sort of standard.

I’m quite happy with every release you put out as my editing skills do not exceed what you provide. Willing to help out if needed.

Thank you @shotcut for providing such a nice software package for all of us to use.

Thanks all for the feedback including the following thread:

I think next time I will try this: post a message to the forum about a new release candidate, get feedback for about 10 to 14 days, and then make the release.


My guess is that you will always have enought curious to test beta :slight_smile:

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