YouTube will not Process a Shotcut Video!

Hi All,

I have spent 3 hours now on this problem and been through every YouTube video, forum post, FAQ and asked the dog. No-one seems to be able to help!

  • I have created a MLT project of just over an hour long;
  • I exported the video to .mp4 using the Export -> YouTube setting;
  • The video exports as .mp4 and I can play it fine using Windows Media Player etc…;
  • I upload the video to my YouTube channel;
  • Upload is successful but starts to ‘Process’, gets stuck on 0% for 30 seconds and says ‘Unable to Process Video’;
  • That’s it. No reason for the failure or description;

I tried exporting the video again as an mp4 but using a different export option. Tried uploading to YouTube and exactly the same issue. It uploads ok after several minutes but won’t even process 1% before failing with the same error.

I have tried uploading the video using different browsers and in Incognito mode too. Same issue.

I have now tried both videos around 6 times using different browsers, switching anti-virus off and going through every form post or help guide I can find!

I can’t believe no-one else has this issue! - Please help!!!

Just to add I have tried uploading a different mp4 video I created (not using Shotcut) and it uploaded to YouTube and processed just fine

Did you change anything in the export settings?

Is your YouTube account able to play videos longer than 15 minutes? You have to use a phone number to activate/verify your account to play longer videos. That process might take longer than 24 hours.

To answer the questions:

  1. No I didn’t change any export settings. Simply selected the YouTube option and hit Export Video button. The mp4 generated fine;

  2. Yes I can upload videos more than 15mins. I have confirmation from YouTube on this, and can see in my channel Dashboard I have the ability to add videos more than 15mins long;

Although I couldn’t fix the issue in Shotcut, I saw a forum post somewhere from someone with the same issue. He took the Shotcut .mp4 video and processed it through Handbrake - and then uploaded it to YouTube.

It worked!

It took another hour to process it through Handbrake which was frustrating, but YouTube accepted the video and it’s now live on my channel.

Thanks Hudson555x for the replies.

When you click on Master in the timeline, then click on Properties, what do you see here?
Do your other source clip properties display the same FPS/Resolutions?

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