Export for youtube fails

I get an error 0xc00d36c4 in Windows 10, can’t play the video on anything, can’t use Handbrake to convert, can’t process in youtube. Worked fine yesterday. I saw this old thread with same problem.

I just uploaded a 20 minute Shotcut-edited video yesterday. Youtube conforms that I have verified. This is not the problem. It is not just youtube. It’s that shotcut is exporting something that it calls an mp4 but that no other program recognizes as a video.

Did you change any of the export settings? If so, what did you change?
Try clicking on “YouTube” under Stock in the Export Presets, uncheck Use hardware encoder, don’t enter Advanced, then export.

This file was generated using the YouTube Preset.
Plays fine for me.
Shotcut version 20.04.12

Like I said, it worked fine yesterday and it doesn’t work today. I did not change any settings.

You need to view the export job log to see if there was a problem reported. Sometimes a hardware encoder becomes flaky or does not like something about the parameters (may be job-specific such as resolution). As it stands, I am unable to reproduce it and thus do anything about it with the information provided. If you do have hardware encoder turned on, see if it works without it or after a reboot.

After reboot, the same set of problems occurs. I forgot to mention… The export popup has not been appearing today. In addition, if I try to close the project or close Shotcut, I get a message saying there are incomplete jobs.

Hold everything. I think the problem may be because I wasn’t giving it time to export the video–due to the export popup issue. How can I get that back?

I think you mean the Jobs panel. That pops up whenever a new job is added, but you can choose Jobs from the View menu to reopen it. If that does not work, try it again. Often it goes into a background tab. The first time you select the menu item, it might become hidden; but the second time it shows and becomes the foreground tab.

I’m looking for the export manager type pop up window that tells me when the export is complete. I did find the panel after a while, off the screen to the right.

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