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It has come to my attention that someone is posting on YouTube videos with my name.
Whatever account this comes from, it’s not me.

Anyone can make an account on YouTube duplicating anyone’s ID.
Most likely got my logo from this forum.
The account apparently has posted a video I made last year. But this is not my account.
The video ID’s don’t match.

This is the real video ID (Video later deleted)

There is a Shotcut forum troll that loves just posting negative comments. Perhaps he is targeting just me, as I hope that is the case and he is leaving everyone else alone.

To combat the troll’s comments to me, I deleted several youtube accounts, and this video was among them.

I have made no YouTube comments on any Shotcut video this year thus far.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me directly.

Edit: I just updated my profile on here with a YouTube account I plan on publishing Shotcut video to, but haven’t made any videos for it yet. So unless I have made a comment from this account, it’s not me.


Well, don’t worry about the comments, in the creator studio just set comments as flag for review, this will filter out all the inappropriate comments.

Good catch!

The problem is if someone here is impersonating another user. This is not prevented by reviewing the comments, because the fake account (the impostor user) can post whatever he wants pretending to be someone else.

Imitation is flattery. Someone thinks you’re so good that they expect to bank views with your material! :rofl:

Unfortunately, it’s more malicious than that

Hi @Hudson555x, that clears up a mystery for me. A couple of weeks ago I had a comment on one of my YouTube videos apparently from you saying “Your videos are not cool at all. Give up now”. The message ended with “:(((” . At first I assumed it was you and you were joking, but as it didn’t have a jokey emoji I thought it could be meant, although I was pretty much sure you would never leave a comment like that! since you are such a good friend on here!

I thought of PMing you but didn’t because it was quite an awkward situation. I wish I had!

I the end I just deleted it and forgot about it. Hope this information helps and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been hacked. Thanks for letting the forum know.

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I’m surprised to read that YouTube allows channel names to be duplicated like this. Isn’t that like leaving a door wide open for trolls to do what they do best ?

I suppose you reported this to YouTube @Hudson555x ? Is there any hope they can do something about it ?

I have no control over what other people do out there.
It’s clear and evident this troll isn’t going to stop.
A simple deletion of comments, nor reporting to YouTube or any other action means nothing to them.

It’s rather sad that I have to make a post as this because of a coward.
This is my only way to clear up any confusion.

I wasn’t hacked. He just created a YouTube channel with my name. What can’t be faked is the channel ID number in the URL at the top of the screen.

Sorry someone posted that on your account, as it wasn’t me. That is very rude for anyone to post that on your YouTube account especially with someone else’s ID.

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Same thing happened to me

@Hudson555x - thanks for the PM with more details and (surprising) information about this.
For someone to steal somebody’s ID and use it to post nasty comments on another site is appalling behaviour. I feel disrespected and dismayed.
Some may shrug off having unpleasant things posted about their videos but for me I lost sleep over it, my family saw the comments and my target audience (piano teachers) saw it too. Not happy. Life is too short for this kind of nastiness.

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Recently there has been more and more false YouTube accounts with my ID in them.
Whoever is doing them clearly isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Just realize that for every YouTube account, you can’t fake the URL, which mine is.

Any thoughts on this @sauron?


Out of curiosity because I know nothing about it… What steps are hacked individuals able to take? In this case involving YouTube, it seems very easy for any random person to copy any other person’s channel and cause significant harm if their identity is confused among that person’s friends or business associates. Does YouTube customer service offer any advice? Can LifeLock or other identity fraud services do anything? What is the most effective way to announce who the real “you” is to people that need to know? I really feel for this situation. I’m not seeing much that a victim can do at the moment, hence why I ask.

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I just keep filing copyright take downs.

But it’s good to know that I’m worthy of a troll. That my work here, and my videos are so good that I need to be copied. @Austin I think you hit the nail on the head with your previous comment.


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