Happy Audio Bars with Shotcut

The train photo is mine. The rest of it is all Shotcut generated.
Not intended to be perfect.


That’s great.
It would be interesting to know how you did this.
(I don’t mean the train photo :wink:)

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Thank you @ejmillan

I had to make actual video with a PNG image mixed with a MP3 as I couldn’t figure out how to use the filters just with the audio by itself.

The dancing Shotcut logo original mlt file I kept experimenting with, and thus the true copy was not saved, but it’s basically a combination of these filters saved as an alpha video. Alpha export preset for UT video. That’s it’s own separate video with the same audio.

I’d just rather share the MLT then try to explain. More or less it was just me experimenting with various filters, and hours upon hours of just having fun exploring the possibilities. I could not recreate this ever again nor properly guide anyone on how to do it, lol.

Happy Audio Bars.mlt (13.5 KB)

It all started pretty much from not being happy with the small 20px Audio Bar thickness limit. I don’t know how to work the code to change the filter.

The audio is from the YouTube Creator Studio Music Library. Free for use on YouTube.


This explanation is sufficient for an orientation about the possibilities.
Thank you for sharing the mlt file.:+1:


Thanks for sharing, @Hudson555x. :slight_smile: What was the name of the song you used by the way?

Super and thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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