I placed a rich text over my video but when exported, the final text ends up somewhere where else. I managed to guess it into place eventually but it wasn’t the most elegant solution. Is there something I’m missing that’s staring me in the face?

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Can you share a screenshot of your settings?

I’m curious.
When I use Text: Rich, there is a difference of position between the preview in Shotcut and the exported file. But it’s only a few pixels in my case.


How big is the difference in your case? Can you post a capture of your preview and one of the exported file?

I believe this is improved for the next version (not the beta, wait for release candidate). Hard to say for certain as it depends on the OS display scale. I have been testing on my systems, and it is fixed.

This is an example of the wysiwig issue using Shotcut version 22.04.25 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro, Win7. Before export on left, after export on right.

Do you happen to be using Preview Scaling?(Which can be found at the top by going to Settings > Preview Scaling.

Yes. And I see what you’re getting at.

I’ve tried it with none and 720 but the results are identical.

Oh, I have no idea then.

test the release candidate

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