Please test the Release Candidate for version 22.06!

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • We are primarily interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • We are also interested in major regressions since version v22.01.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • The plan is release by June 25 at the latest.

(Since this video was published, the filter has been renamed to Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) but you can also find it if you search “roto”.)


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


Excited for the final release! The Glaximate animation has been a bit difficult to figure out, but it is very versatile!

Just one question.

Where can people go for help / support / discussions about Glaxnimate?

  • Unless I’m mistaken, there is no Glaxnimate Forum. (I don’t think the Report Issues site count as a forum)

  • The entire User Manual fits on one, short single page.

  • Almost no tutorials available. I think I found 2 on YouTube. One is showing how to change the UI theme…

No doubt these problems will fix themselves over time. But Glaxnimate is available right now under the hood of Shotcut’s new release. People will have questions.

I’m curious, is Align To Reference Track a feature that could have slice threading or anything equivalent applied to it?

Slice threading does not apply. But each clip is processed in a separate thread.

That’s not correct. There are links and you need to look around the site menu more. People can use this forum to discuss it, but bugs outside the integration will not be tracked and addressed directly here. People will be referred to its bug tracker. I know someone working on a video tutorial, but it will not be comprehensive. This is an opportunity for many external tutorial makers.

This has got to be an integration problem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Lanuch Shotcut.
  2. Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate) > OK > OK.
  3. In Glaxnimate, put some shapes in, save, and quit Glaxnimte.
  4. Go to the Properties dock and click Edit…
  5. Use the Select tool in Glaxnimate to move one of the shapes.
  6. The shape is duplicated and one of them can’t be moved.

A workaround is to put some video on V1 in the timeline, create track V2, drag animation.rawr into V2, go to the Properties tab and click Edit…

Open this MLT file in the release candidate
test_SPR_Mask-Simple-Shape.mlt (5.6 KB)

  • Deactivate the Mask filter > Press Play > Look at the Preview
  • Rewind
  • Activate the Mask filter > Press Play > Look at preview

See a difference?

Runs perfectly in 22.04.25

Did I heard roto… Yey! Finally it’s here.

Fixed. There will only be preview in glaxnimate when using the timeline.


The Edit… button is working well now in nightly 2022.06.09 if animation.rawr is in the Source tab.

But I’m still getting the same problem if animation.rawr is on the V1 track on the timeline.
Only when I put it on V2 or above, I can edit it normally in Glaxnimate through the Edit… button.

Fixed as well as a related issue with Mask: Draw.

Every time I try to bring in this json file into Shotcut, either by directly dragging it into the timeline or through Open File, the program crashes.

I am not going to debug it at this time.

From the release notes:

Some Lottie animations make export fail. The one that I have a problem with shows warnings upon opening in Glaxnimate.

Yes but this isn’t an export fail. It crashes Shotcut when you simply try to bring it in.

Is there some kind of warning dialog that can come up telling the user that at this time this kind of json file is not compatible with Shotcut/Glaxnimate to avoid the crash until that can be debugged?

It was not crashing for me on Linux where I was working. It is on Windows and basically the same as this Windows specific bug:

Except this crash happens even at display scale 100%. In any case, yes, I can add a quick test of the file based on its extension in a melt child process. There will not be a dialog. It will do like it does with other unsupported files today: a failed to open message in the status area.

Trying to export frames. (OS = Windows 10)

Shotcut 22.06.07 propose the export path as a file name.

File name is declared not valid when clicking Save