Wrong scaling in zoom slider, wrong detault, missing action by preset-dropdown

Windows 81.
Shotcut version 20.11.28, 64 Bit (?)

Bug 1) Using the filter ‘Size, position and rotate’ , the zoom-slider initially stays at 133,3% position, but seems to give un-chenged (100%) zoom. Setting it to 100% by the reset-icon (next to the slider) makes zoom-out (image smaller with frame). Slider seem to show wrong values, Footage is 1920 x 1080, or 1440 x 1018 in 16:9. Preview size: any setting).

Bug 2) Changing the preset dropdown to “default” makes 133,3, same as initial setting, but - as a contradition -. different from reset-button-value.

Bug 3) The preset dropdown acts only if you change its selection. Example: If your previous entry was “default”, then you reset the Zoom slider to 100%, then again open the preset-dropdown and select “default” again, nothing happens. You must first select any other option, then only you can reach “default” again AND have the effect! (which is 133,3%-zoom in this exampe).

These problems are fixed for the next version.

Thank you! It’s a reason more to took forward to the next version.

Problem 3 would automatically be solved if another problem is fixed: The ‘preset’ dropdown must change it’s selection to its first (empty) line, as soon as the sliders are changed manually. It doesn’t do this.

I tested beta version 21.01.16. Problems are solved, but problem No.3 not in a clean way. The dropdown should automatically change its selection to it’s first (empty) line, as soon as manual changes are done. (fails to do this, already in last release). This should be the purpose of the empty first line. As consequence, the fix in this Beta-Version would be unnecessary. In a new opened filter however, the dropdown should be preset to show ‘default’, not to the first empty line (as it does now). As a consequence, the dropdown will always correctly reflect the situation. It might be worthwile to seek for any messy code in this context and clean up. The issue seems to relate to the dropdown generally (in all filters).

This will not be in the next release, not sure when.

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