Working with LRV - ok until I export (low quality)

Hello there!
I had to use my LRV files from gopro to work on my office PC (low end PC) and everything was alright until I finished my work here and clicked “export”. I am using 2704x1520 source files and when I click export, there is lower resolution waiting (768x432) - I rewrote the resolution to same one that source files are and after exporting the video it is not sharp - definitely quality loss (blury). Is there a possibility that video was “downgraded” cause of first file that I used which was lower resolution? Can I force shotcut to “recalibrate” from current files? Not LRV files are attached anymore.
Thank you, and sorry for my crappy english, I am not native speaker.

Read here - Version 21.09 now available

I solved the problem. I found answer somewhere on this forum - Output => properties and there it was all wrong… I had to go Options (on top) and go Video settings or something like that. There I selected custom and set my resolution. Tada, problem solved.


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