Why does the wheels creates the illusion of moving backwards?

I was recently recording a video of my new car, while editing, I noticed that when it was moving, the wheels were creating the illusion to go backwards, even though it was going forward.

Anyone knows why this happens, both technical and easy information are welcome.

I tried to search on google, but the frames and b frames, and the extra blah blah… goes ahead of my brain.

Search for wagon-wheel effect

Search in google " Stroboscopic effect"

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I did see that, I didn’t totally understand what it was telling. So I stood up the discussion.

That helps, it took me 12 times to understand, but still ok. (Why doesn’t wikipedia make videos about the things on there? I am ready to buy also a subscription for that)

Ici vous avez une vidéo explicative, cela vous aidera surement à bien comprendre.

Here you have an explanatory video, that will surely help you to understand.



I get that. Too much chocolate. :rofl:

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@jonray OMG I haven’t seen those in stores for decades. I had to look it up to find out they still make them. I need to get me some now, if I can find them.

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@MusicalBox - you really need to come to the UK:


125 millions wagon wheels a year… And what do you do with all the wagon carcasses whose wheels have been eaten?

Here’s what they look like here in Canada. They’re made by the Dare Food company.

I went to the store this afternoon and tried to find them while I was there. No luck. But I don’t give up.


The exactly look like Choco Pies made by Lotté here. I usually eat 6 in a day (the whole pack basically :sweat_smile:) or sometimes when Zomato and Swiggy are down (food apps) I eat 2 whole packs, tgey really taste good.

Definitely will like to try the wagon wheels.

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You nicked our idea! :grin: Hang on though - RASPBERRY wagon wheels! Hmm, not sure. Like to try one, though.

Heaven! :innocent:


According to Wikipedia:

Wagon Wheels are a sweet snack food sold in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, other Commonwealth countries like New Zealand and India, and also in the Republic of Ireland (which is not a part of the Commonwealth).

So maybe these Choco Pies you mentioned are in fact the Indian version of the Wagon Wheel. Just called differently. You should investigate. We must know the truth.

The Wikipedia article also say:

Wagon Wheels were invented by William Peschardt, who sold the patent to Garry Weston, son of W. Garfield Weston. Garry Weston worked for his father’s business in Australia before taking over his family’s business in England.


Didn’t find a single clue about that, they are really good at maintaining secrets. Now visiting Canada (I would get to meet my friend after a long time) before Thailand is my first priority, I want to eat a wagon wheel.

Can’t tell the wait to eat it, very excited.

Those flippin’ Aussies are good at everything… :wink:

You didn’t try very hard it seams. When I said investigate, I meant: Visit every store you can find, question people, turn every rock, climb every mountain, explore every valley…
Where is your sense of adventure?

Yep! They are, mate.
Well… most of them.

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I tried, asked about 40 people in the mart, the owner too. They didn’t knew anything, some even gave a wierd smile (they seem suspicious, I need to meet them) , others were thinking it’s a prank or vlog. Someone asked me “Are you talking about spinning wheel?”, don’t know how does she relates it to spinning.

In the last, I even asked my most intelligent friend of all, chuck (a cute bernese mountain dog) , my pet (he is surely having more brain then my real friends). Didn’t find it there too, pet shop owner said it was born in Canada and then imported to India, he lies I think.

I need to travel atleast 124 miles to reach a mount to see the precious stone shining, it would take a lot of time, better to travel your hometown (forgot to tell my friend lives in quebec, might also reveal your face being the first when I come, I would try to make the wall shorter, or just break it :wink:, be ready to not find me there) and order one wagon wheel.

Just waiting for next month, I can’t wait to do both my top priorities.

Arpit, I seem to remember you are in India. You can order them online:

I haven’t had one since I was a kid, 60 years ago, but I still remember their marshmallowy chocolatey taste.

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Ouch indeed. I didn’t do the math. They are being shipped to India from the UK (where they cost £1.89).

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Still cheaper than Arpit catching a return flight to UK and back to pick some up… :wink:

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