Why can't I scroll down my timeline

I am trying to make a video called ‘‘Everything Wrong With Alan Becker’s Animation Vs. Animator’’
but my timeline wont let me scroll through it! https://forum.shotcut.org/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d5d90f686351fd55a596f82ec60ac1b6c77027ca.mp4

Your video does not show you trying to scroll. It shows you trying to do something to correct a perceived problem and expecting something to change but it has not. I suppose the problem is that the Timeline panel is too short. Slow down the mouse movement in the area directly above the Timeline panel to access a divider that you can drag. It is almost invisible and you need to look for the mouse cursor to change to image
There is also a small handle to show there is something to grab:

Well don’t worry, it doesn’t matter now.
I found a better, simpler, editing software that is free and no virus or watermark

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