Why can you can only merge clips from the same origin?

I’m looking into different open source video editors and the one major issue with shotcut is that you cannot merge clips from different sources.

My question is why is there this limitation?
I understand if it complicates the implementation, but it’s a pretty glaring issue, surely we could implement it either by grouping clips together internally or rendering the clips internally and representing it as one.

Recent versions do let you create groups.
Read the news link at the top of this page.

Also, there are a few ways you can export multiple clips as one and then use that in another project (“rendering the clips internally and representing it as one”).

Unfortunately groups are not the same as joining clips. e.g. you cannot apply effects to the group as a whole.

Also, there are a few ways you can export multiple clips as one and then use that in another project

I’m sure there is, that doesn’t explain this arbitrary limitation.
Also exporting the clips and then importing them takes me at least 5 different actions, where this is something that should be a single click.

It is based on what the volunteer part time developers chose to work on for their needs. You can consider to do the same.

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The next version has a feature to copy filters to multiple clips including a group:

Also, you can put only the clips you want with the same filters on its own track and add filters to the track by selecting the track header.

Lastly, you can use a .mlt file as a clip and add filters to it. Some tools call this nested timelines or sub-projects or possibly something else. Yeah, it is not as convenient as select multiple and convert them to a nested timeline, double-click a nested timeline, multiple timelines in tabs within a project, etc. I am not sure we will add that complexity into Shotcut. I do not want to include evert feature that every other tool has and then some. I like it simpler and less work to read through all the menus, toolbars, shortcuts, and options.

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Of course, I am considering implementing it, which is why I wanted to know the reasoning for not having it in the first place.

While the Apply Copied Filters looks like a nice ux, the clips are still separated in the editor.

I’m not trying to argue that shotcut should or shouldn’t have this feature anyhow, I am just asking why it wasn’t implemented in the first place.

If there isn’t a reason I’d be happy to look into implementing it because it would simplify my workflow a lot. And I’d much prefer to use open source editors.

The only reason is because no one has volunteered to implement it.

We would be happy to have your help.