Why can not we register on your forum?

Why can not we register on your forum?
Forum does not send mail when registering.
In the spam folder email too, no.
Many people complain about this bug and can not register.
Eliminate this malfunction please!

How did you post this message if you are unable to register?

It does when I test it, and I can see logs of successfully sent e-mail messages.

Where are they complaining? I have received some reports but not many.


I did not register on your forum, but logged innt with the help of Google, but these are different things.

I registered using such email: shilov@extmail.info, petrenko@extmail.info and other email addresses.
But letters for registration on them have not yet come, it’s your fault.

Thank you for reporting the problem and the encouragement. I found that the e-mail server was not configured to fully prevent being suspected of spam. Using the service https://www.mail-tester.com/ I was able to improve my e-mail delivery score from 3 to 10 (out of 10)!

It’s good that you corrected your misunderstandings. But what can I do now?
I spent all my email, but I did not receive a registration letter.
And I still can not use your forum for communication.

I’m having the same problem, May, 2020. I tried three different email addresses (outlook.com, hotmail.com and my work email that does not use a MS address), several attempts over a period of weeks. I could only register using GMail (not my preferred solution, but obviously works). Checked spam folders.

BTW - I like the disclaimer that appears as I write the post; it would be great if that would appear to everyone who posts anything online!!! :slight_smile (improve conversation, be kind, criticize ideas, not people…)

I had this problem today as well. I tried a hotmail address and a gmail address and neither account received an activation email… and yes I checked my spam folder.

I finally resorted to using my google account to register.