After registering for an account, I didn't receive an activation email to my Outlook

I signed up for an account 20 minutes ago. I checked my Spam folder, but I still see nothing from Shotcut. So I had to use my Facebook account.

This problem happened before!

We send the email, but they do not accept it. What can I do? I sent email to, which is a common convention I have used since 1995. That replied with an email telling me to visit

That is a useless default web server page. Please complain to Microsoft to help us with this matter.

Microsoft apparently changed the postmaster site. Here’s what I was able to find for it, it looks like they have some FAQs about email deliverability, and a means to contact their team if those don’t solve the problem.

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This should be fixed now. It is working for me as of July 30, 2022 with an test account.