"Whoof!" transition - does it have a proper name?

Hi guys … I’ve been working on trying to create what I call a “whoof!” transition between two shots using the Overlay HTML filter.

To explain what I mean, here’s my trial video: 1) WITH the transition:


  1. WITHOUT the transition:


Maybe you can see why I call it a “whoof!” transition!!! I’ve seen this transition a lot on TV broadcasts. But does it actually have a proper name?

Anyway, I’m chuffed that I have had success with this technique. To do it, I created a short HTML file with some code that makes use of Elusien’s WebVfx framework, and applied it using the Overlay HTML filter. I’m trying to make a short tutorial to show people how to do this, but I am struggling to find time to finish it. If I do finish it, I’ll post it here.

I tried your “whoof” transition without the Overlay HTML filter. It seems to work. Didn’t have the great footage that you have.


That’s great, sauron. I’d be very interested to know how you did that.

Footage not mine - I wish it was! :grinning:. It’s on Youtube - search “DJI Spark Dunnottar Castle” in Youtube and you’ll see the original. I replaced the background music with my own track, which I composed and recorded using Cubase yesterday.

Very nice music.:+1:

I put two clips on V1. Put a 15 frame white color clip between them. Created a 7 frame dissolve between the color clip and clip A. Then created a 7 frame dissolve between clip B and the color clip, left a 1 frame white piece between the two dissolves.

The whoosh came from Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUxyg_DFMfM

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Hi sauron,
Thanks, very informative. That’s brilliant - a lot easier than using HTML in this case.

The screenshot I did using my HTML method way looks similar to yours:

I used two coloured (pink) clips on V3, each 8 frames long, and used them as markers each side of the transition point (note: I made V3 invisible (I clicked the eye icon). Then I split the main clip in two places at each side of the markers, moved the subclip to V2 (not necessary, just helps me visually), and applied my html filter to it.

I think we used the same “whoosh” clip!!

Thanks again for your reply. I will use your method.

BTW I think this transition could be called a “white flash” transition…

Anyway, here’s my html code if anyone would like to see it…

<!DOCTYPE html>

	<title>White transition</title>


body {

#container {
height: 1080px; 
width: 1920px; 
padding: 0;
top: 50%; 
position: absolute;
margin: -540px 0 0 -960px;

  #white_transition01 {
height: 1080px; 
width: 1920px; 
padding: 0;
    top: 50%; 
position: absolute;
    margin: -540px 0 0 -960px;
 <body data-control="1:30">
 <div id="container">
 <div id="white_transition01" class="webvfx" data-animate="{start: 0.0, end: 1.0, ease: &quot;linearTween&quot;, 
  0% : {opacity:0;  },
                50%: {opacity: 1;},	  
  100% : {opacity:0;} 
<script src="WebVfx.js"></script>

[Edit - just to mention that this code uses Elusien’s WebVfx framework - to make it work you have to download the webvfx.js file from his site and place it in the same folder as the html file.]

That will work.:smile:

I Liked the look of this idea and couldn’t resist giving it a go in as cliched a fashion as possible. I used an 11 frame (5 frame transition either side) using sauron’s technique for a speedier effect. Thanks for posting guys - love it!

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That’s so funny! Good work. I recognise the audio - from the UK commercial for Flash Bathroom cleaner with the cute singing dog:
Thanks for posting. Jon

I think the audio is from this video.


A great band. Freddie was fantastic.

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Thank you sauron :slight_smile:

Queen were legendary in their time - one of the all-time great British rock bands.

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Ah, yes, I should have mentioned the original!

I’ve seen this type of transition used in Final Cut and Vegas although I don’t know if there is a naming convention for it. It seems to be the inverse of fading through black. Whoof would not be my naming choice though!


White Flash is probably as good a description as we will ever know, but in my mind it has been immortalised as "Whoof!"
I will admit that I’m quite fond of visual onomatopoeia though…