Who Uses Shotcut to create YouTube videos?

The SSD I have the program data(and my project on) was acting up, nothing actually in shotcut at all but I needed a fresh copy of the installer.

Completed survey … here’s my youtube channel

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Filled in the survey. Using Shotcut more and more as I learn more about it - most recently I’m using it to splice together several short videos, add overlays, and mix screencasting with audio commentary, speeding parts up as necessary (so the viewer isn’t watching me type all the time!) Anyway, channel is here, most recent video is here.

I have submitted the form!!

I also use Kdenlive,
And only sometimes, Openshot ( twice in a month)

My channel link: DeCoders - YouTube

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I never used kdenlive, Openshot was actually nice because it was also contributed by Dan Dennedy, but because of it’s instability I quitted it.


(It’s post 9)

I use shotcut since slightly more than 1 year for creating my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaM5ly9KJJ9zx6pLp-qOtqQ

Unfortunately I found shotcut as having many bugs and being very slow (although the latest version with the latest 5.4 kernel seems to be a bit quicker). I started with smaller projects so it was not so visible however as my projects are growing, the problems with shotcut causes that I started thinking about changing it. However I looked on openshot. It’s nice but doesn’t have too many possibilities although I used it few times to generate some small parts of my videos. KDEnlive seems to be also a good alternative but switching to it would probably require learning many new things since the beginning. Concerning shotcut I don’t like many things but I have some workarounds either I know how to avoid ex. crashes. Not sure how stable and reliable is KDEnlive.

Moreover shotcut is also missing some very useful functionality which seems to be very basic. As 1st on my list I would put copy/paste using system clipboard between different opened shotcut instances. It seems to be easy to be done and very important if you want to use some elements from your old projects to make video quicker. As 2nd but definitely less important I would add the possibility to change the order of tracks (move up/move down).

Thus as for now I regularly use Shotcut (few times per week quite often).

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They are on the roadmap.

This should please you:
Shotcut v21.08 BETA was released less than one day ago and among the new features:

  • Added support for the operating system clipboard when copying and pasting filters.
  • Added support for the operating system clipboard when cut, copy, paste, overwrite or append a clip.

Oh guys, you don’t know how much I’m waiting for this. But sometimes dreams become reality…

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My entire shorts playlist is here-

It has close to 50 videos. All edited using ShotCut. Since thats the only Editor I have.

Here is A Sample Video-


Hi All,
Thanks for all your feedback. Its helping me shape my tutorials and YouTube channel. Much appreciated for your time and responses.

I have collected Channel Names and will try to feature them in upcoming blog posts / YouTube videos. So keep an eye out! :slight_smile:

I thought you might be interested in the results, so here are the (annonomised) data that I can share, it includes 22 responses:

2x Sony Vegas Pro
1x Kdenlive
1x Film9

Thank you once again!


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