Where's the simple text?

So I’m making a video, I need some text, so I decide to use the trusty (Text: simple).

However, it is nowhere to be found, I searched in multiple places, (including the files) and found nothing.

The only other text is (Text: HTML) and (Text: 3D) I don’t want to use either, but if I have no choice I’ll use HTML if it doesn’t scroll.

Maybe you are searching for “Open others” -> “Text”…


Sadly it doesn’t appear to be there either

Sounds like you have the hidden GPU Effects on.

What?! :slight_smile: “Open others” in the main menu isn’t there for anybody, or do I have something misunderstood…
(Or maybe I’ve misunderstood the OP… :thinking:)

Thanks, now I need to find a way to open the project without it crashing, now that the GPU effects are off

This thread might help you.

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