Where to start?

I’m new to Shotcut, and on first trials, it looks very interesting. However, I don’t find it easy to navigate. I’m in the slightly Dyslexic catagory, so reading soon tires me, so then it takes more effort.

I’m interested in video editing, but mainly animation. I sometimes take timelapse photos, and want to manipulate the images.

I don’t have a good internet, so videos are not easy. Is there a downloadable manual, so I could scroll though and learn from there, please?
Keep up the good work,

See this

Hi S,
Thanks, and thanks to D and E,
On first look this looks whart I’m looking for.
Cheers, C

I started to go through the guide, but was soon put off by the round about way it is written.
For someone who has difficulty taking in so many words, it soon became unreadable. Having said that I can see that the kernal has lots of information, I found it easier to open Shotcut and keep trying different things till something changed, hopefully in the direction I’m after.

If anyoine else has a guide with less writing more pictures and ‘arrows’ please post it, for us lesser mortals :slight_smile:

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