Beginners Guides to Shotcut

A recent post by @ejmillan reminded that there are some useful “getting started” guides on the website at:

Daniel Schär updated his excellent German, French and Spanish “Getting Started” guides in 2018. He did not do an English guide, so I have translated his German guide into English. The images in this PDF still show the German version of the Shotcut UI) and it is by no means perfect, but nevertheless it is a useful resource for new Shotcut users. This translated PDF is available here:

First Steps_with_Shotcut.pdf (3.4 MB)


Thanks, my grade 4 - 6 students will need this!

It is a starting point for the many new users who are unfamiliar with the workflow in Shotcut.
I found this guide in Spanish by chance. :grinning:
Good work from the author of this guide. Some things are outdated, but in general he explains the basics very well.

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This page in the documentation category is a good place to add this. But please do not add it as PDF alone. Fine to add it as an attachment until it becomes obsolete. I have plans to eventually write a backend script that crawls the documentation category and builds a downloadable compilation of all docs. Oh, and thank you!

Il y a aussi sur Youtub d’excellent tutoriels en Français environ 50 tutos élaborés par KAMIGEEK.
Merci aux généreux auteurs de tutoriels qui se sont donné la peine de nous éclairer.